What We Collect

InfluencerBot only collects information that is sent directly to it within Slack, via direct message or when the bot is directly mentioned in a channel. InfluencerBot does not access past or archived messages.

InfluencerBot collects basic information of the team or channel it is invited to in Slack. This information is collected for the purpose of authenticating the user and team with our service.

Using standard web analytics and web server technologies, InfluencerBot logs your navigation actions, IP address, cookies and other information provided by Slack or web browser.

How We Store Your Data

Web connections to InfluencerBot services are encrypted via SSL, which means that all data is encrypted.

Our application and databases are managed by Heroku Postgres. The database is replicated synchronously so that we can quickly recover from a database failure. As an extra precaution, we take regular snapshots of the database and securely move them to a separate data center so that we can restore them elsewhere as needed, even in the event of a failure. To learn more about Heroku Postgres click here

To learn more about how InfluencerBot connects to your Slack team please visit:

How We Use Your Data

We will not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer your information to outside parties without your explicit permission.

Information collected by the InfluencerBot system will be used only in the creation of reports and responses to queries, and will not be made available to any party outside of the authorized team.

We may send you email notifications or bot notifications from time to time. You may opt out at any point from receiving these messages by clicking the unsubscribe link included in the email or message.

If you have questions, please contact us