How to Use InfluencerBot
1. Invite Bot to Channel + Complete Set Up

Add InfluencerBot to the channel of your choice. /invite @ib #MarketingChannel. You will see a welcome message letting you know the bot has arrived and ready to work.

2. Start Tracking Influencers + Posts

Wow, this is exciting! It’s time to start tracking your first Influencer!

Here’s how you do it:

  • type menu
  • option 1 (My Influencers)
  • option 1 (Add Influencer to Tracking)
  • enter the Instagram username of influencer (without the @ sign)


Now you should receive a confirmation that you are tracking that Influencer.  InfluencerBot will now track follower count growth and also track what time of day the Influencer likes to post.

But wait there’s more!

You will also be asked whether you want to track a keyword for this Influencer. If you enter a keyword here, anytime a post containing that keyword appears in a post description, that post will closely be monitored for start/stop time of posting as well as the engagement level (likes + comments).  This will allow you to closely gauge the value and performance of any sponsored posts containing the keyword.