Influencer Tracking

When an Influencer is added to the tracking list, InfluencerBot will track their follower count growth and post frequency (per hour).

Influencer profile information will be captured every hour and added to your live reports Google Sheet.

Currently InfluencerBot does not support tracking of private Instagram accounts, but this feature may be added in the near future.

By looking at follower growth, you can gauge the health of any Influencer account you are considering to sponsor a post on, measure the growth of your own account, or see how fast a competitor’s following is growing.

By cross referencing follower growth with the post hour, you can optimize the time of day of your sponsored posts.

Post Tracking

When you work with new influencers on instagram, they are expected to post your brand’s content. At this point, you will want to add the influencer’s instagram username and a keyword for InfluencerBot to look for in their posts. Once the keyword is detected in a post, a notification will be posted in Slack and the post details will be tracked and logged for 24 hours.

  1. Type /influencerbot
  2. Choose option #1 “My Influencers”
  3. Choose option #3 “Track Influencer Post”
  4. Enter influencer instagram username.
  5. Enter keyword for InfluencerBot to watch for.

When InfluencerBot discovers your specified keyword for a given influencer, it will send you a notification in the Slack channel containing the bot. The ntification will contain the post details such as Link to Post, Image, Description, Like/Comment/View Count, Time Posted, etc.

Once the post has been removed from the page (or 24 hours has passed), InfluencerBot will notify the channel that the post has been removed.

All Post Tracking history is logged in the Reports section.

  1. /influencerbot
  2. Option #3 “Reports”

All reporting information provided by InfluencerBot is updated in a live Google Sheet personalized for your account. The Google Sheet contains different tabs for each feature the bot has to offer. This currently includes, all Influencer Recommendation History, Tracked Post History, Influencer Profile Snapshots, and Your Brand/Company Profile Snapshots.

When you begin Tracking and Influencer, InfluencerBot will take hourly snapshots of their profile. This is valuable to monitor the growth or decline of an Influencers Follower Count, Engagement Rate, etc.

Your data will automatically be pushed to the live Google Sheet link every hour.

If you’re going to modify the Google Sheet, we recommend adding an additional “sheet” and importing column/row ranges to manipulate data. Otherwise your changes may be overwritten.

Alternatively you can download as csv or duplicate the sheet.

For more information on importing Google Sheet cell ranges visit this link

Of course! We highly recommend importing your InfluencerBot report data into whichever analytics software you use.

The reason we chose to use Google Sheets as a data source is to make Google Analytics connection easy. Google Sheets comes with with GA integration add-on. Read More about this feature here.

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